Find peacefulness in the cabins in Finger Lakes

When you want a short break from the humdrum of the city, you would like to fall into the lap of nature. It rarely matters how much time you have to spare, but a short break in the magnificent Finger Lakes will give you great relief and a feeling of rejuvenation! You can use our cabin rentals in Finger Lakes for as long as you want.

There is so much you can do around the Finger Lakes area, where our cabins are located. Our belief is to provide you a “home away from home” and we stand by it. We are located on Armstrong Road, Geneva, New York and all our cabins (small, medium and large) are at the same place. The cabins overlook the western part of serene Seneca Lake and you will find solace in this peaceful retreat. Our cabin rentals Finger Lakes are one of a kind as we take care of your privacy and let you enjoy your stay with your family. There are several facilities in and around the cabin locations that will make you want to stay for as long as possible.

Here are some features of our cabins that will entice you for a short or  longer stay.

  • Each Cabin is named after one of the eleven finger lakes.
  • The Cabins have a rustic look and feel to elevate your senses.
  • We are open throughout the year.
  • Several recreational facilities are available.
  • Clean and well-maintained bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Spacious cabins.

These are a few facilities you would get when you choose our cabin rentals in the Finger Lakes. Apart from that, there is a little chance for you to deny the old school charm of the place and the panoramic views over Seneca Lake. Not just Seneca Lake, but you will find yourself immersed in the otherworldly sunset and sunrise views.

We are hoping to serve you soon. Contact us for reservations.