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Your safety, security and well being is paramount at Cobtree.

At Cobtree Vacation Rental Homes, we have a number  of CCTV cameras that operate 24/7 and these cover the grounds and common areas of the whole property.

This is not a matter of “Big Brother” watching but in todays world an important tool to ensuring the safety, security and well being of all guests that stay with us. For example, Yes, we can see how many cars are parked onsite and how many people moving around the property but, it also helps us to monitor any inappropriate or even illegal activity or anything that would be of concern to both guests and management alike.

 For example, yesterday guests staying in one of our properties set off the smoke detector in the property they were staying at and automatically our alarm system was activated. In turn  a signal to the control centre was transmitted and they alerted the West Lake Firehouse. Two fire trucks were despatched and although it was a false alarm, we were able to monitor what was going on through watching the live stream of the CCTV.
This afternoon, 15 cars suddenly showed up to one of our small cabins and we received complaints from neighbouring guests that a large party was going on.
We were able to call the guest and inform them that this was against the rental conditions which for their particular property only permitted up to 3 cars as well, our special use permit issued by the local town prohibits any of our properties being used by anybody other than those who are resident for the rental period (other than a few guests) but NOT for holding parties.
The guests were informed and they were surprised by not only the complaints having been made by other guests and, that we were able to see what was going on around the property. It is NOT and never will be our intention to prevent guests from having a nice relaxing time and a great vacation.
However, when their behaviour impacts other guests or creates problems or complaints, then we have to take appropriate measures to ensure that such activities immediately are curtailed. Its not personal but good management of our property for the benefit of all the guests staying at Cobtree.
Thank you for your understanding of both or policies and our commitment to your safety, security and well being whilst you are our guests staying at Cobtree – The Finger Lakes Experience!
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