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I am all set for the Christmas party of a life time Robert and Jane has promised me at Cobtree, but where are they? Should I look for them in the woods at the back of Cobtree. I know they sometimes like going there for a romantic walk in the moonlight. I do miss the days when my best pal Daniel used to take me with him to hunt in the woods where one can meet all creatures great and small. One time I even managed to jump on the back of a young deer. I was only trying to catch a ride but the shout Robert gave me was so deafening. He thought I was trying to kill the poor thing. Me? A killer? No way! I may even become a vegetarian if Robert stops feeding me with the steak he can’t finish off his plate.

Now, where are they? Will they be at the back of the cottage trying to catch the end of that fireball burning in the sky? They never seem to get tired of watching this kind of boring thing. The fireball goes down on one side and it will come up from the other side of the sky. What is the big deal? But the one that comes up from the other side is a totally different kind – more radiant and changes color every minute, and it gives people hope for a new beginning (so Jane likes to say) .

Now, where are Robert and Jane? I hope they have not abandoned me. Will they? Especially Robert, he used to tell me I am the love of his life every night when he tucked me in bed right next to him.  Don’t worry I am considerate enough to keep a corner of the king bed for Jane).

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