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It is so beautiful it makes me want to cry!

Kamala arrived at Cobtree for the first time this week and she called me to say “It is so beautiful here it makes me want to cry…”, and the foliage season has not even started yet. But I know what she means. I like the cry of joy that can reach heaven and the tears of joy that sparkles in the sunlight.  Unlike a tragic cry that always seems to come from hell….

Due to changes in our circumstances, for the two years Robert and I have to be away from Cobtree for a long period of time. Every time I come back to Cobtree to stay, there is always the happiness to be embraced in its surrounding beauty again.  But it is so true  joy that cannot be shared will not multiply and pain that can be shared will be halved….

There are so many beautiful sunset and sunrise scene   in Cobtree.  People tend to think that this kind of natural occurrances can be captured everyday but the reality is, like many beautiful moments of our lives, it is gone before you even notice them if your heart is not open and ready to embrace them.

Robert has just recited me a quote from our favorite movie Beautiful Mind: “It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logic or reasons can be found. I am only here tonight because of you.  You are all my reasons.”

Wish you all a great Fall Season.

Jane – September 2015


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