Cobtree Blog

What a great, relaxing way to visit the area!

Many thanks to Dianne who has made such a lovely review about Cobtree:

I have been staying at Cobtree for over 3 years now (my son is a HWS student). It is lovely to come home at the end of a busy day, relax on the couch, do your laundry, take a walk, watch tv, whatever, but be in a home environment. The kitchen is complete, the house is clean and comfortable, and the amenities are just what we need for a few days stay. A hotel will be cheaper, but there is so much more to Cobtree. Nothing beats hanging around a kitchen table as a family as opposed to sitting in the lounge area of a hotel. You can make a family meal and just relax. It is wonderful. On top of all of that, the views are spectacular.


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