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For Pities Sake when will winter ever end!

cheeko-march-2014-at-cobtreeI for one had hoped that we were finished with winter and that the snows were behind us. Not yet so. Last Friday and Saturday we once again had a ground covering of snow just when we thought that spring was finally arriving. This winter has been one of the coldest and longest in living memory for most residents of the Finger Lakes however, the weather forecast is now showing that we should start to see the temperatures climb, possibly into the upper sixties by the end of this week.

With Easter being just over two weeks away, I do hope so as this will attract visitors into the region where they can enjoy visiting some of the many wineries and restaurants in the area as well as give a welcome boost to our local economy and small businesses who have struggled over this very long winter!

So on behalf of all of the local businesses, we welcome you to come and enjoy the hospitality of the Finger Lakes now that Spring is just around the corner at long last!

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