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Happy New Year

Who would have thought that even though we are now only half way through the first month of the new year, already the local stores are starting to sell Easter eggs!  Unlike England, the country where I was born and raised, Americans do not consider Easter as being a major holiday of the year unlike our cousins across the border in Canada who come to stay at Cobtree during their Easter holidays.

The beauty of the Finger Lakes is its myriad of things to do throughout the year and which has become a major tourism destination whilst still retaining its beauty, its peacefulness and overall attraction for visitors to the region.

Already our property calendars are starting to fill up for the spring and summer of 2014  for which we are eternally grateful to our many returning guests.

As I type, we have the painters and decorators in Owasco cottage preparing the property for the start of our busy season and it will only be a couple of months before our gardeners will need to start pruning the many fruit trees and shrubs at Cobtree and then, the time will have come for them to start mowing once again! And so the seasons pass.


Happy New Year!

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