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My favorite times of the year in the beautiful Finger Lakes

For me, the spring and the fall are the most beautiful times of the year here in the Finger Lakes. Neither being too hot or too cold. The spring and the fall is a time of frantic activity for local farmers too. As spring heralds the warmer weather and the soil becomes drier, farmers till the soil and plant their crops the first usually being corn followed by cabbage and beans and so on.

By the middle of May the winter wheat that was planted the previous fall, is already a foot high, lush and emerald green. Spring is a time when you see so much wildlife abounding, turkeys, deer with their fawns as well as a myriad of birds that have returned from their winter migration.

Spring is also a great time to visit the Finger Lakes as the wineries are now selling new season wines and the many restaurants that abound the area are able to get in more and more fresh locally produced produce to prepare and serve their guests.

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