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Where have I been?

Well actually, nowhere at all! Having said this however, I have been very busy, as well as recovering from a couple of surgeries that I recently had. I got an infection in my sinuses which brought me down for a while but now the antibiotics have kicked in I am feeling a lot better now. Believe it or not, I can now breath out of both of my nostrils, something that I cannot recall ever being able to do before! Then there has been the continuing saga with our planning issues and dealing with the town planning board, zoning board of appeals and so on, as well as trying to get the two new properties ready for occupancy next month.

We have been building these two new large hybrid log homes over the past winter and they are now almost complete. What remains to be finished now is some external staining, the completion of the septic systems, dressing the road and driveway with new stone and then, a lot of landscaping. The latter is very much weather dependent and will take some time to complete given all the rain we have been having these past few weeks. This in contrast to last March and April which was so dry. If you would like to see some new photos of the internal furnishings of one of the new properties, click on this LINK. We should be able to create the galleries of photos within the coming week which will be added to the accommodations pages for the two new homes.

Here is a taster of what is to come later next week. Lounge Photo # 2 small

Lounge-Dinning room small                    King Room Photo # 1


I hope that now that spring has finally arrived, I can try to get back to my more regular blogging.

I have a lot to tell you about!

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