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At last, the warm weather has finally arrived here in the Finger Lakes

At last, the warm weather has finally arrived here in the Finger Lakes and today has been the most gorgeous day so far this year with Seneca lake looking so blue and the water sparkling like diamonds. Our builders had to cry off onto another job today putting a roof on for a customer over on Keuka lake. Not that it matters as there is only a couple of days work left for them to do to be able to complete the two new homes we are building here. We have purchased  a whole bunch of trees to plant around the property once it has been landscaped, starting we hope, from this Saturday. Meanwhile, if any of my avid readers of this blog are following our story of the long embattled saga with the town of Geneva, our final stage sub division application, which was heading for a vote at last night’s planning board meeting, was tabled until next month because, would you believe it, the towns attorneys had failed to revert to the planning board with their opinion on a driveway maintenance agreement and driveway agreements. These are legal documents that had to be prepared by our attorney and submitted well in advance to the town for their attorneys to take a look at before last night’s meeting. Sigh…well, we have to be patient for a little longer it would seem.


There is a whole story to tell you about the absolute nightmare that Jane and I have been put through by officers and representatives of the town as well as by several of our very jealous neighbors who simply loath our success and loath use being here. The whole story will be related on this blog in due course and in which I shall name and shame all of the parties concerned. It is an appalling story of a miscarriage of justice and something that should never happen to anybody anywhere in the world let alone this great nation the United States of America.


Here is a tit bit of things to come. Our neighbor, Jim Hundertmark index owner of the Lacy Magruder winery on Armstrong Road (Yes, the very same man we sold the farmhouse, barns, workshop and five acres of land to back in 2007, the very same jet black toupee wearing owner from Baltimore that my guest related her story about and which I posted about on this blog (without naming him at the time I may add) a story which has become one of the most viewed stories on my blog being so funny,  yes, Hundertmark  himself,  in a public meeting of the town of Geneva zoning board of appeals, stated and I quote: Why should the town support Mr. and Mrs. Lawty when they are not US citizens and do not want to become US citizens”

As anybody knows, it is not because we do not wish to become US citizens at all, it is because the E2 investment visa that we came to the US to live and work under, currently offers no route to a green card or to citizenship. How bigoted and racial this snake in the grass of an owner has turned out to be. I only wish I had never sold the property to him as he has turned into the neighbor from hell if not the devil himself!  Shame on him. Shame on a local business that actually does not support tourism but is out to rake every single dollar it can from selling in my opinion at least, some pretty low quality wines,  that actually are not even produced at the winery or with any grapes grown by the winery itself,  is produced by another winery on the other side of the lake, bottled for him and the Lacey Magruder winery is not even a member of the Seneca Lake wine trail!

What can only be described as nasty, evil,  impish behavior by this man is completely instrumental in persuading the town to put a stop to the few outdoor weddings that we used to hold here each year (around 4 weddings a year where guests used to rent all of the homes together, erect a tent and have their wedding over the course of a weekend here at Cobtree).  By complaining and bitching to town councilors and the code enforcement officer, about something we had been doing for over six years, we were stopped from being able to offer outdoor weddings to our guests. Our business efforts for wedding tourism and development was thrown into the dumpster because of what this man has done. No doubt he is so proud of his success right now.

Well, there is an old saying. He who laughs last laughs longest.

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