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Has Spring finally arrived in the Finger Lakes?

Not quite I am afraid to say.  Usually we can herald the arrival of spring when the Killdeers arrive to begin nesting on our crusher run driveways here at Cobtree. For those avid birdwathers reading this blog, the Killdeer is a Bird and is a medium-sized plover. Adults have a brown back and wings, a white belly, and a white breast with two black bands. The rump is tawny orange. The face and cap are brown with a white forehead. They have an orange-red leyering.


Although the Killdeers have indeed arrived (two pairs so far) alas, spring has not yet arrived here in the Finger Lakes and overnight it was bitterly cold and we had about a foot of snow which this morning has turned to a mix of sleet, snow and rain. Simply put, the weather has not quite made up its mind what it wants to do right now!

Fortunately our builders still have some indoor work to do although the weather never seems to slow them down too much unless that is, we have torential rain.

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