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Cobtree owners asking for equitable treatment

Dear Editor,

I refer to the article in the FLT 02/27/2013 edition in regards to the town planning board meeting on the 26th February.

Just to clarify a number of pertinent points. The concrete pad that we installed here at Cobtree last fall was designed so that it could be used for any lawful purpose that the town code permitted and it did not require any planning permissions or building permit for its construction. This pad has not to date been used for any use whatsoever.

Cobtree, consisting of 10 rental units, operates under a special use permit granted since 2003 as a “Motel Complex”. The only occasional outdoor functions¬† held at Cobtree have been for wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners and reunions and have never amounted to more than 4-6 such functions per annum whereby the guests who have rented all of our properties together, have arranged with their own contractors to erect a tent for their own function for a maximum of up to 150 guests attending.

Cobtree has itself never before arranged any wedding at Cobtree but merely providing the open grounds for our guests to be able to do so. We only ever charged a small nominal fee for trash removal and site maintenance. In doing so, we received the tacit approval of the CEO from the very beginning of offering such use of our grounds to our guests.

The plan then was to erect the tent on the concrete pad rather than on the grassed lawn.Rather than arrange to put the tent up and take it down again after each function, we applied to the zoning board of appeals last year for a seasonal use.  The area we are talking about here is like putting a postage stamp on a large envelope! We planned on further landscaping the grounds to drive visitors to the region and to develop local tourism for the benefit of the local community and businesses.

To this end we lodged an application last spring to the ZBA and paid the requisite fee. There was arranged a preliminary discussion attended by the chairs of the planning board, ZBA, CEO, town supervisor, Cobtree, and our respective attorneys which we believed was very positive. We cannot therefore fathom as to why our application was never subsequently scheduled for a formal hearing by the ZBA. By the end of the year our attorney pulled the application because the CEO was clearly not doing anything with our application.

We desire only to continue to operate a reputable and successful business venture as we have been doing so for almost a decade. We do not understand where the animosity comes from towards our company or to us personally by certain people and desire that a resolution to all of our difficulties be found. What we have only ever asked for is to be treated fairly and equitably in accordance with our rights under both town code and the municipal laws of New York State.

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