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We are always thinking about how to improve the accommodations for our guests

However, the pure economics of running a small business, such as ours, is always a challenge with ever rising costs and ever increasing property taxes as well as balancing the needs of our guests. Afforability plays another important factor as to what we can afford to supply as part of the already high quality of accommodations that we rent here at Cobtree. This week for example, we bit the bullet and swapped out all of the older style televisions in the living rooms of all of our properties for modern high definition flat screen televisions with HDMI. We also installed televisions for all the master bedrooms at Cobtree as well.

This upgrade alone cost nearly $3000 but we think this is what guests have been keen to point out to us they want from us and we hope that they will enjoy them!

This means that each home has two televisions in them now and the main television in the living room supplied with Time Warner cable. The secondary televisions in the bedrooms benefit from the basic cable package but does not have a separate cable box but do benefit from built in DVD players so if you are planning to stay with us, please bring some DVD’s with you to enjoy whilst you are here.


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