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Winter has arrived at Cobtree in the Finger Lakes of upstate New York

Perhaps I may be forgiven I believe in saying that I thought that winter would never come.  We had been experiencing such mild weather throughout the fall and leading up to Christmas that I thought that it could well be that for the first time since we moved to the USA that we would not have a white Christmas this year. The night before last it was forecast for snow but what was forecast as snow turned into torrential rain and it must have rained over an inch during the night. At one time the wind howled and the rain cracked against our window panes with such ferocity. This continued until around lunch time yesterday when suddenly the temperature dipped and by the evening it had started to snow. Last night we went to our friends home down in Geneva and had a blast until just after 11pm when we returned home, myself once again pretty cut with all the drinks Matt Parrott loaded on me as well as some pretty damned good food that people brought with them to pass around. Thank you Matt for such a great time at your party.

This morning we awoke to white winters wonderland Christmas-at-Cobtree-2012albeit, the snow has since pretty much been blown away here on the Hill on Armstrong Road. We are about fifty percent booked over the Christmas period itself and this weekend we are pretty much fully booked now. We have just one opening for the new year and so as the saying goes, get your skates on if you wish to come and stay with us over the New Year period here at Cobtree. Many of the wineries are still open, as our numerous quality restaurants nearby and around the Finger Lakes.

The photo here shows the landscape here at Cobtree this morning after it had stopped snowing. The wind had soon blown most of the snow down the hill into the lake. Canadice Log Home on theleft of the picture at the back and Canandaigua Log Home to the right of it, are both progressing well and are on schedule for renting in the spring. These two new homes will become the flag ship of quality for our homes here at Cobtree, not that is to say, that all of our homes here at Cobtree are well appointed.

Both now have the roofs, doors, windows and porches on and the electrical and heating installation to Canadice is almost complete. I have been busy purchasing furniture and other items for the two properties so that we will be ready to go once they have been completed in th spring of 2013.

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