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Wedding Guests Please Do Not Be Alarmed!

We have received a number of telephone calls from guests that have already reserved their weddings for 2013 and 2014 in light of the earlier blog that I posted regarding our ongoing battle with the town of Geneva regarding our planning issues here at Cobtree. I am sad to say this is nothing new to us and whilst the town is effectively trying to damage our business by their shameful bullying actions and behavior, this has been going on now for over two years now. In the process we have racked up a legal bill for us of some $78,000 and counting. We were also forced into suing the town earlier this year as well.

Although we are for the time being at least, withdrawing our application to the towns zoning board of appeals to be able to erect a seasonal tent, which we had planned to have remained statically erected between May and October (Our peak rental season here in the Finger Lakes), we never the less, do not require any planning permissions to erect a temporary tent on behalf of our guests for holding a wedding at Cobtree which lawfully is considered an ancillary and temporary use to the guests rental of their property (s) here at Cobtree.

Therefore, nothing will change regarding the reservations already made by our guests or indeed, any future weddings here at Cobtree (Unless of course, a Judge ordered to the contrary but on legal advice obtained from our attorneys would be most unlikely that the town could obtain such an order from the courts as we are not in any way in contravention of any NY State or local laws in what we do here at Cobtree).

In essence, we are simply going to be acting as a go between the tent rental company (Spatola’s) and our guests making the reservations for our rental property (s) and the use of our grounds as an ancillary use to the guests rental of our property(s).

Of course, we hope that the difficulties we have been experiencing with the town, will come to a mutually acceptable conclusion in the near future and hopefully we will be once again left alone to get on and do what we do best which is to develop tourism here to the Finger Lakes.

Thank you for your continued trust and your understanding.



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