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SUNDAY MORNING 9AM-December 23, 2012

Reposted as received from our friend Robert Dorn this morning and Dedicated to Miriam E. and Robert A. Dorn

I was talking with my father in law tonight at dinner and our conversation about a paint job I will be doing led to his recalling a ladder incident he had while working many years ago with a neighbor.  A ladder he was standing on slid down the side of the house, breaking through a window as it fell to the ground.  Fortunately he was uninjured but embarrassed.   I then shared a ladder mishap story involving my car.

I am sharing this incident for two reasons:  I want to prove to you that I have a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at myself; and I thought I would give you a chuckle.

One evening I loaded my Chevy Nova Hatchback with some painting supplies and an eight-foot wooden step ladder, which I had done several times before.  So this should have been quite simple task.  However, I forgot the fact that due to the contour of the front windshield and back glass hatch lid, in combination with the slanted top step of the ladder, it only fit if the correct side was facing up.   For some reason this one particular day, I was in a hurry and mistakenly placed the ladder upside down.  When I slammed the back hatch lid, something did not seem right.  Whereas normally doing so caused a little air pressure resistance as it was closed, this time it went quite easily.  In fact, I remember asking myself why this would be the case as I walked to the front of the car.  Much to my surprise and chagrin, I saw the top of the ladder sticking out of the front windshield. Yes, I actually broke my front windshield with the ladder!  How could I have been so careless and foolish?

But the story doesn’t end there—I did something equally foolish the very next day after dropping off the car at the auto glass place.  A few hours after Deb followed me to the glass shop and gave me a ride home I suddenly realized I had not left them the car keys in the overnight key drop.  So I quickly dialed their number and blurted out my apology for forgetting to drop off the key, promising to return immediately with the key so they could complete the work.  The clerk I spoke to snickered a little at first but then composed himself and responded: ” Mr. Dorn, your car is ready, we replaced the windshield.  You can come and pick it up now”.   Again, in a hurry, and not thinking clearly, I inquired “But sir, how did you get into the car?”  Again regaining his composure, he responded  “Mr. Dorn, we simply reached through the broken windshield and unlocked the door”.  I imagine that he laughed and laughed after we hung up and told his colleagues about the idiotic conversation he had with this customer.

My my, how kind this clerk was!  I admit I appreciated the respect and restraint he exhibited.

Merry Christmas!


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