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It snowed over night and the ground is covered in a white snowy blanket. Christmas Day Morning 2012 The clouds over the lake are dark and ominous and so perhaps more snow is on its way later in the day. The photo I took looking Westwards shows the progress of our two new log cabins here at Cobtree which will be ready for renting this spring. Christmas-day-view-2012 Meanwhile, I am busy preparing Christmas dinner and we have our neighbors coming over to join us at around 12.30pmĀ  Here is a menu of todays gatronomic delights:

Sausage Rools made with homemade MilleFeuille (Puff Pastry)

Lobster Thermidore Appetizer

Beef Wellington with a rich sherry and mushroom gravy

Green Beans, stir fried with garlic

Brussel sprouts finished with bacon bits and toasted walnuts

Potato Au Gratin (Potatoes cooked in the oven in a rich cheesy sauce)

Christmas Pudding with a rum fudge sauce

Chocolate cake with whipped cream

Red Cat wine for my neighbor who loves it (Yuk!) a

Chiantti for Jane and I

Coffee and Liquers

Merry Christmas everyone!


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