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Wow….what a roller-coaster of a week

Monday we battened down the hatches for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. It arrived here in the Finger Lakes during the evening. After hearing the howling winds outside, the lights flickered on and off a few times but stayed on albeit, we lost cable for almost 16 hours until the service was reconnected. Not because the cable went down but rather there was an electrical breakdown somewhere or other and so the cable company, Time Warner, were without electricity to operate their own relays.

So much for battening down the hatches though. On Tuesday morning all the plastic sheeting and canvas used to cover materials and equipment on our construction site had been torn to shreds by the wind and the rain. Here we had only three inches of rain overnight whereas in Manhatten (New York City) they had three feet of rain overnight!

Most certainly the Finger Lakes region dodged a bullet and the Hurricane headed north into Canada sparing the region for the most part. Tuesday morning was pretty good with just a few showers however, in the afternoon the rain intensified some what. Throughout the day I was working four feet down in the ground in a trench helping my friend Todd lay water lines to our two new log homes. Our Mennonite builders did not work on Tuesday because of the storm but by the end of the day, I was absolutely knackered. Wednesday it rained on and off never the less, our builders were able to progress the work and today they completed the shell of one of the new homes ready for setting the roofing trusses tomorrow morning at 8.30am when the crane arrives.

The windows have been ordered from Marvin Windows through Quackenbush hardware store in Hall NY and these should arrive in two weeks time, as will all the bath tubs and showers for these 4 bedroom and four bathroom homes now being built ready for renting starting next spring.

The building work is very much on schedule and by next week our builders should start erecting the second home here at Cobtree and laying the logs for that house too.  Jane and I are going to Syracuse on Monday afternoon to see a Chinese acrobat circus and staying overnight at the hotel Skyler before driving across to Boston on Tuesday to welcome our son Kenneth arriving from England. Next Wednesday we are meeting up with friends in Boston and then Jane, Kenneth and I are going to see the Blueman group perform. We will be back to Geneva late Thursday afternoon next week, bringing Kenneth with us, of course!

Update: Friday 9.56 am

Here is a photo taken from the 2nd floor bedroom of the new cabin. In two words ” Simply Stunning”

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