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Thanksgiving feast with friends this afternoon. What a great time had by all on a gorgeous day here in the beautiful Finger Lakes.

The homemade menu with local produce sourced where possible.

Tuscany Soup with leaks, celery, potatoes, chicken stock, herbs, seasoning and spicy pepperoni served with dinner rolls and butter

Chopped heart of Romaine lettuce salad with cucumber, tomatoes, Mandarin oranges, spring (green) onions dressed with a champagne, orange vinegar and olive oil dressing

A shoulder joint of oak smoked bbq roasted pork cooked over charcoal in the “beast”

Roast potatoes

Baby yellow potatoes with salted butter, chopped parsley and chopped fresh spearmint (from our garden)

French dwarf beans stir fried with butternut squash seed oil, finished with prosciutto ham

Baked Cauliflower in a four cheese sauce

Home grown plum and dried apricot pie

Éclair balls filled with custard and dipped in chocolate, dusted with powdered sugar and decorated with sprigs of fresh spearmint

Whipped heavy cream with powdered sugar and freshly squeezed lemon juice

A bottle of white wine from Sheldrake winery

A bottle of white wine from Long point winery

Freshly brewed Starbucks latte (using my new Starbucks Verismo “Pod” coffee maker)

Grand Marnier orange Liqueur

Lindt & Sprungli Swiss made milk chocolate

Calories per serving? Let’s not count today!

Happy thanksgiving everyone and I hope you also enjoyed your own thanksgiving dinner too!




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