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Not an easy job!

Some people down at the Hall diner, where I have breakfast most mornings, feel that my job is an easy one. Well, I have some off the press news for them, it is not an easy job at all! Take this morning for example when I observed out of my office window that there were 11 Indian guests who had travelled up to stay with us from Ozone Park in New York, who had only paid for 4 guests staying at the property.

This coupled with the fact that the property that they stayed in was only equipped and insured for 8 people sharing made this quite unacceptable. Once again I had to confront the guest about this. However, my job was made a little easier this morning because these 11 guests were all posing outside the property taking a group photo together! The net result was that they had to pay an additional $432 for the additional occupants staying at the property over and above what they had paid for. I think that you will agree that this is no chump change is it?

Next on the mornings agenda was to repair the kitchen sink in one of our brick built house where the pipes were leaking and just needed the nuts tightening up. Now this was an easy job!


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