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Battening down the hatches for the storm ahead

Hurricane Sandy is moving steadily northwards towards the eastern seaboard of the USA and with it is forecast torrential rains. If the meteorologists are right and the storm meets with a cold front coming in from Canada, we could have some serious snow as well.  All this of course makes for some careful planning on our part with the building works going on here at Cobtree on the two new cabins. This afternoon we, as the expression goes, battened down the hatches and securely covered everything in readiness for the potential weather storms ahead if the hurricane stays on its current track. The coming week may prove a difficult week to keep our construction work going however, we are planning to be able to continue working on the first floor framing for the one cabin where the first floor log work has been completed (today) and then there is some framing that can be carried out in the basement of the other cabin.

Meanwhile,  the septic tanks arrived this afternoon and were “planted” in the ground and filled with water so that they do not float out of the ground should we have a deluge of rain in the coming days. Just like a ship that floats through displacement, these massive concrete septic tanks with a holding capacity of 2000 gallons can actually float out of the ground if not half filled with water as ballast.

On a positive note, last Tuesday night, we were granted the set back and area variances we sought from the Zoning Board of Appeals for the town of Geneva and can now move forward with our major sub division through the site review process by the town planning board. This has been a long and expensive struggle for Jane and I and now hope that we shall within the coming months come to the end of this long saga.

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