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Jack Frost at Cobtree

    Once again I was up at the crack of dawn ready for my friend Phil to pick me up to go down to Bagels and cakes for our Monday morning breakfast together. Overnight there was a mild frost as can be seen here on the roof of the Honeoye log cabin tucked up by the edge of our woodlands here at Cobtree. Our guest Mr.Shaw, pictured here in this photo,  traveled here from Maryland together with his wife to stay with us for a few days short break.  He was out early exercising his Keeshond “Wolf-Bear”  around the grounds by the cabin.


The Keeshond ; plural: Keeshonden is a medium-sized dog with a plush two-layer coat of silver and black fur with a ‘ruff’ and a curled tail. It originated in Holland, and its closest relatives are the German spitzes such as the Pomeranian. Originally called the German Spitz, more specifically the Wolfsspitz, the name was officially changed to Keeshond, in 1926 in England, where it had been known as the Dutch Barge Dog. (Pronounced “kayz-hawnd”. However, Kees Hound (Pronounced Keys Hound) is the way most Americans would call this breed today.

Once again we experienced a most glorious sunrise as the sun steadily rose over the Eastern shores of Seneca lake.

So begins a new week here in the beautiful Finger Lakes of upstate New York. According to the weather forecast, we are going to have fine weather this week which will allow me to get some outside chores done including painting the wooden enclosure around the dumpster a nice green to match the surroundings!

Yesterday was a pretty miserable day as it rained throughout the day. I guess the silver lining was that I did not have to water the shrubs and flowering pear tree that I had planted last week.


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